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As an educator I bridge the gap between technology and non-technical people by bringing my in-the-field experience and knowledge of Apple products straight to your home. By the year 2020 individuals will generate 1.5 GB of data per DAY. I help you organize your digital data and streamline your setup so you can manage it going forward. Let’s get a plan that works for you in place today.
  • In-Home Consultation
  • Prioritized Solutions
  • One-on-One Training

Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Productivity

Here’s a round up of my top 10 favorite chrome extensions to increase productivity. Download and install today!

iOS 12: Everything You Need To Know

iOS 12 will be released today around 1pm. Before you update – here’s everything you need to know!

Purchasing an iPhone? Here’s How You Can Pay For It

A few years ago carriers stopped offering a subsidy (usually a few hundred dollars off) when you agreed to sign a new two-year contract with them. When the carriers moved to the monthly payment plans, Apple got in the game too. Now you have multiple options for how you want to finance this $$$$ new iPhone. With multiple options comes multiple questions…

2018 Apple Announcements: iPhone XS, XS MAX, & XR

Should you buy a new iPhone? This week Apple launched 3 new iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Let’s Explore:

2018 Apple Announcements: Series 4 Apple Watch

Beautifully redesigned with breakthrough communication, fitness, and health capabilities. Apple just unveiled an updated Apple Watch that has been re-engineered to help us stay connected, be more active, and mange our health in a powerful new way.  Check out my write up as I highlighted some of the new features.

Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Week Four

This week’s five minute challenge task will teach how to delete unused apps, update your apps, and reinstall apps to cure bloat.

How To: Create Better Passwords

Raise your hand if you're using the same password for every account because remembering them all would be impossible. Everyone is guilty of the multiple password sin but when doing so you're leaving yourself wide open to a major security breach. Imagine your password...

Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Week Three

This Week’s Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Organize & manage old Messages, eMails, and Podcasts! Free up space with this 5 minute task!

Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Week Two

This Week’s Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Clean out and delete duplicate files in your download folder! Free up your RAM space with this 5 minute task!

The Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Week One

This Week’s Data Junk Drawer Challenge: Organize and manage your Photos and Videos on your iDevice. Free up space with this 5 minute task!

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in-home consultation

wireless network audit

personalized network manual

boost signal strength

improve functionality

update security settings

recommend & install hardware

ethernet switches

signal extenders & repeaters

wireless printers

streaming devices & smart TV

gaming consoles

parental controls & filtering

wi-fi enabled doorbells & cameras


The Process

Each new client begins with an on-site consultation assessing their setup and addressing concerns. Next a prioritized solution is created to tackle the greatest problems in addition to items I discovered during the audit. Once a plan is established, and the proposal accepted, I work on an hourly rate to complete your project.

I also offer ongoing support and online courses. Schedule a call to chat about how I can help you.

Apple Products

iMac & MacBook Optimization

iDevice Configuration

External Storage &
Backup Solutions

Parental Controls & Security Recommendations

Cloud integration

iCloud Drive Configuration & Streamlined Integration

iCloud Tutorials

iCloud Backup Solutions

online courses

iPhone & iPad Classes

Pages & Numbers Software

Organize Your Data


one-on-one Q & A

In-Home Tutorials

Family Q & A Sessions

iDevice Walk Through

Monthly Management

Email, Phone, & Text Support


Let’s Work Together

“Angelita helped us fix our wireless internet in our sprawling ranch style home. We had so many areas we couldn’t get a signal we kept going over on our cellular data and paying monthly overage charges. After Angelita’s improvements we can now stream television shows & music anywhere we want, including our backyard!”

Robert & Patricia

“Working with Angelita was stress-free. She’s a wealth of knowledge and very easy to understand as she explained what to do.”

The Williams Family

“Angelita helped our family of 5 (3 teenagers!) get our iPads, iPhones, and other electronics organized. She helped get our settings correct and now my texts don’t show on my kid’s iPads, finally!”

Cindy S.

“Angelita hooked me up! After fixing how all my photos were saving and correcting my iCloud settings she taught me how to manage my photos (and information) better. Now my pictures and videos go to the cloud instantly, no more worrying if I lose my phone I will lose my memories!”

Julie G.

“I can’t thank Angelita enough for the time and information she gave me as well as the patience she shown. She is a very encouraging and good teacher!”

Mike T.

“Our iMac was struggling.  We were constantly watching that darn beachball spin. Angelita upgraded the RAM and updated the operating system too. She gave our computer new life!”

IT Support Shouldn’t Be Intimidating

Transparent Pricing

A fixed $40 rate will be charged if travel exceeds 30 mile radius from Rochester, Michigan.

Proposal & Implementation

Custom Proposal to Fit Your Needs & Budget

Hardware Install &

$100 per hour

In-Home Consultation

Guided Questionnaire

Extensive Wireless Network Audit

mini-Questions &
Answers Session


Training & Tech Support

Training Sessions
$100 per hour

e-Mail & Phone Support
$25 per half hour

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Free PDF for You:

Get the Awesome Guide!

Subscribe to my newsletter to receive occassional tech tips & get access to the free PDF.

I take your privacy seriously. No spam, ever. See my terms & privacy policy here.

I hope you enjoy this free printable!

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